The Fan Game : Saint Seiya - Galaxian Wars -

Siete a conoscenza di un piccolo capolavoro che nessuno conosce creato da qualche team di appassionati o ne siete voi stessi i creatori? Avete visto o sentito di qualche tribute game o avventura grafica e volete farcelo conoscere? Che aspettate: questa è la giusta area per farlo!!

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The Fan Game : Saint Seiya - Galaxian Wars -

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Based on characters created by Masami Kurumada

The Fan Game : Saint Seiya - Galaxian Wars -


When the world is stained with evil.
The warriors of hope appear.
The Saints!
A long time ago a group of brave young men protected the goddess Athena.
They were called Athena's Saints.
They used their bodies as weapons their fists were powerful enough to open the skies and their feet would crack open the ground below.
And today....history repeats itself...

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Davide Spadoni

Arsene Lupin , Tecla2000 , Zahoriglez , David Bazar , Tonos , Vegeth1985 , SeiyaDivin , Cheitta , Tux , FTB , Squall , Betelgeuse , Pardo , Alexcop , Delfino , Mey_Z , TonyADV , Tallon , Shunchain , Pionshin , Yougngaz , Rojo , Kagaho , Lord Krauser.

A Daniele Spadoni Production

F7 - Restore game
F5 - Save game
F9 - Quit game

The following game is a NON PROFIT Fan Game producer for entertainment purpose only.
All Characters, all related marks, logos and associated names and reference are copyright and trademark of their respective holders. This Fan Production is not open to commercial ADS. It is not intended for sales of any sort. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted. The content of this Fan Game could not be sold, rented or used for any commercial enterprise in any way, shape or form. There is no financial gain made from it.
Creativity and spirituality have a strong energy to create and share love and transmit Passion to others.

Director / Short Film

Video Game Developer / Retro Games
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Re: The Fan Game : Saint Seiya - Galaxian Wars -

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"Pegasus verrà..." (da cantare urlandolo a sguarciagola)! :150:
Gran bel tema per un fan-game. Complimenti, Dan!
Da queste premesse, potresti realizzarne altre di promesse: un ag sul duo più comico di sempre... BS&TH! :048: